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Hi, Cozy Readers!

One of the great things about cozy mysteries is that there’s a mystery for just about every interest. From animal lovers to history buffs, foodies to treasure hunters, there’s a book for everyone.

Writer Jill Piscitello explains what makes a cozy mystery so cozy and lists examples in her recent post, “Write Stuff Wednesday: Popularity of Cozies.” (And a huge thank you to Jill for including
Venus Rising
under cruise ship mysteries!)

What kinds of cozies do you like best?

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Here are a few more reads to explore:

Dog Gone Troubles

by Karen McSpade

imageMeet Sidney Grace: Quirky Journalist. Curious Witch. Professional Butterfingers. Sidney Grace, a young journalist living in Boston, isn’t ready for all the troubles heading her way. For starters, she’s curious about her grandmother’s magic even though her spellcasting is a bit rusty. Sidney finds herself caught between her curiosity to learn more and her mother’s hatred for all things supernatural. After all, her mom has a Tupperware business to run and magic isn’t part of her business plan! The fact that her dad doesn’t seem to be bothered by an occasional spell gone wild, isn’t smoothing the water between these two matriarchs. But the family drama and her untapped magic are the least of Sidney’s problems. Things turn worse when her new boss asks Sidney to cover the annual Pup Parade and she makes a terrible mistake that could cost her career…and ultimately her life. Can her grandmother cast a spell that works right the first time and save Sidney? Or will her troubles finally get the best of this new witch? Dog Gone Troubles is a fun, heartwarming paranormal cozy mystery with quirky and charming characters that will keep you spellbound! This book is the prequel for the highly-anticipated Crystal Beach Magic Mystery Series.


The Prince of Escondida

by Lottie Morgan


Martin, the Prince of Escondida and the heir to the throne, has been captured.

King Mateo enlists the help of Lucia and her all-woman team of elite spies to find Martin and bring him home. As they search for him, Lucia must come to terms with her growing feelings for the prince. As part of the team, Princess Liliana, musters all of her courage and leans heavily on her spy training to assist in getting her brother back. Will they arrive in time to save the heir? Martin’s captors want to know about the legendary treasure of Escondida, rumored to be enough wealth to take power. When he is questioned, Martin must decide if he should tell them what he knows or stay quiet. Does the young prince know where the treasure is and will he give up its location before help arrives? Join the team as they embark on this new mission. Grab your copy today and fall in love with the Mediterranean island country of Escondida.

Tremors Through Time

by Anastasia Abboud

image She’s made mistakes and paid the price, but Deidre Chisolm is no quitter. She’ll never again be a fool for a man, not even her gorgeous new neighbor with his haunted eyes and strange accent. She’ll be friendly, but nothing more. Lachlann has to go back to fourteenth-century Scotland. He can’t forsake his family, his son. But when a beautiful, kind, funny lady buys the house next door, he’s never been so drawn to anyone in his life. Would she believe his story? After years of struggling through nightmares and flashbacks, headaches and illiteracy, dare he ask her to help him return?