October 1, 2023

Hi, Cozy Readers! October is a favorite around here, and I’m so looking forward to carving pumpkins with my family and taking long walks in the cooler weather. It’s also a great month for curling up with a cozy read. Check out a few options listed below!

As always, I’d love to hear what you’re up to this month!

Sending you cozy wishes,
Tammy D. Walker


More Cozy Reads to Explore:


AND THEN There Were Feathers: A Small Town Cozy Murder Mystery
by Peyton Stone

Having inherited her grandmother’s library, Luci thought it would be a great escape from corporate life…little did she know that the (now) deadly mystery section is where the bodies show up.



In the Beginning, There Was a Murder: An Amateur Female Sleuth Historical Cozy Mystery
by P.C. James

A secret liaison. A baffling murder. Can one woman solve the crime without joining the body count?






The Poisoned Clergyman
by EL Johnson

Poppy adores Constable Dyngley, but he is engaged. When his fiancée hires Poppy to clear her name, can Poppy put her jealousy aside?

Welcome to book two in the exciting new series The Perfect Poison Murders from bestselling author E.L. Johnson!

September 1, 2023

Hi, Cozy Readers! I’m back after a busy summer, and I’m happy to report that the weather is finally cooling off a bit here in Dallas. I hope your summer is going well!

While most of our garden gave up in the heat, the sunflowers continued to shine.

Just like the sunflowers persevered through the heat (and the times I forgot to water them–oops!), I’ve had to push through problems with plotting to get my writing to bloom. You can read more about that in my post over at Ladies of Mystery.

This fall, I’m working on finishing up The Wing of a Bee, the first novella in a new cozy mystery series, Butterfield’s Boutique and Computer Repair. I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for the season!

I’m planning on reading more–of course. You’ll find more mysteries to discover below!

Sending you cozy wishes,

Tammy D. Walker


imageCandy, Cigarettes, and Murder (A Chocolate Martini Sisters Mystery Book 1)

by Brenda Whiteside and Joyce Proell

It’s a birthday weekend with the gift of murder.

Recently widowed, Emma Banefield looks forward to a getaway birthday weekend with her free-wheeling sister, Nicole Earp, sipping chocolate martinis at the peaceful, historic Dulce Inn. When a rude stranger, a nasty food critic, and a madhouse of temperamental artists greet them, all hope for a tranquil weekend evaporates faster than dew on a hot desert morning.

Overlooking the riotous atmosphere is doubly hard after Em discovers the body of a hotel guest, and a second murder affects Nic personally. Now, entrenched in a caper that pits them against a surly detective, they cozy up to a hotel staff hiding dangerous secrets to uncover clues to the killer.

Using their smarts and love of all-things mystery, will the Chocolate Martini Sisters solve the crime ahead of the obstinate Chief Detective or find themselves trapped in the middle of a third murder?

Murder on Boston Common: A Plot Twist Cozy Mystery (Massachusetts Cozy Mystery)

by Andrea Kress image

She’s rich and bored. This homicide has no motive. Determined to get to the truth, can she solve the murder before she’s next?

Boston, 1933. Amanda Burnside yearns for more. Dutifully hitting the social scene and volunteering for charity, the young former debutante is delighted to be dating a doctor yet wishes for excitement. But she wasn’t expecting a stroll on Boston Common with her beau to end with the discovery of a dead body.

Shocked by the experience, Amanda ignores her parents’ wishes and resolves to follow the clues to uncover the perpetrator. But with shady characters, ruthless bootleggers and wily politicians all fighting to keep the details buried, the plucky amateur sleuth fears the answers may land her in the morgue.

Can Amanda unmask a murderer without becoming the next victim?

Perfect Plate of Poison by Rose Malone image

Mary Hogan left her high-powered law career in Boston when she inherited the quaint Emerald Inn, a german shepherd and persian cat, from her beloved psychic aunt. Living on the idyllic island and running a successful inn and catering business is her dream. And, Perfect Plate Catering is a huge success. So, what could possibly go wrong? Well, how about murder, for starters!

Mary’s food and wine pairing event takes a deadly turn when a prominent local has a sudden and tragic reaction to shellfish. There is only one problem. She didn’t use any seafood in her dishes.

Now, Mary with the help of her friends—furry and human and maybe even otherworldly—must navigate her way through the secrets hidden deep underneath Martha’s Vineyard’s charm. What she uncovers is jealousy, lies, and someone willing to kill to protect themselves.

Can she solve a murder, save her catering business, and clear her name? Or will she end up losing everything? Maybe even her own life…


Ginny Jomes and the Stolen Cabbage Caper

by Bebe Steiner

The annual Alaska State Fair. A missing world record-breaking cabbage. An innocent man charged. A humorous Alaskan cozy mystery.

Can amateur sleuth Ginny Jomes, that’s Jomes with an M., and her Moose Peak Mavens find the real thief of the record-breaking cabbage and save Charlie Townsend? Follow Ginny, the Mavens and her trusty mini Dachshund on the hunt from the Alaska State Fair to Owl Creek Farm as they search for the truth. After all, how much trouble can a quartet of sixty-something women get into?

June 15, 2023

Hello, Cozy Reader!  There’s still time to enter A Cozy Mystery Beach Giveaway and win a cozy mystery prize pack: https://aconitecafe.com/acozymysterybeachgiveaway/

How has your June gone so far?  This month has been a busy one, and it’s only half over!  Taking a family road trip, upgrading my ham radio license, and starting my summer teaching have all kept me busy.  How about you?  Is summer busier for you than the rest of the year?  Or do you slow down as the days heat up?

Wishing you all good reads, cool drinks (like my favorite, iced tea!), and wonderful times,

Tammy D. Walker


June 1, 2023

Hi, Cozy Readers! It’s June, and that means it’s beach reads season! What are your favorite cozy beach reads?

In the spirit of the summer season, I’ve got my iced tea, a good book, and a giveaway to link to share! Enter A Cozy Mystery Beach Giveaway, and you can win a cozy mystery prize pack: https://aconitecafe.com/acozymysterybeachgiveaway/


Wishing you good weather and happy reading,
Tammy D. Walker

Here are more mysteries to check out:

The Death of Hope” by Lou Collins

imageFamily can be murder!
A Scolaris Short Mystery

When Ted’s daring plan to put an end to his father’s brutish ways backfires, Dad ends up dead, and he’s not the only one.

To make matters worse, the local guard arrests his defenseless sister for the crime, ignoring the never-ending list of suspects with a motive.

Sleuth along as Ted uncovers secrets buried in his family’s past to unmask a murderer and save the only family he has left.


Pies and Pilfering: Deep Fried Revenge Prequel by Karen McSpade

Taking a bite out of crime never tasted so sweet!image  When a local widower’s prize-winning Peonies and famous Imperial Lemon Pie disappear faster than a hot knife through butter, undercover detective Piper Sandstone and her crime-fighting gal pals, the Dentures and Diamonds Crime Squad, must weed out a criminal before it’s too late.

But with a mysterious newcomer lurking around the small town and the thefts escalating, the ladies are left scratching their heads and wondering if they’re dealing with a garden-variety criminal or a mastermind thief.

As Piper digs deeper into the case, she must maintain her cover and avoid the handsome sheriff’s scrutiny. With the Rose Cup competition around the corner, the pressure is on to solve the case and return the stolen goods. Can Piper and her squad solve the case before the thief strikes again?

Filled with humor, friendship, and crime-solving fun, Pies and Pilfering, a culinary cozy mystery prequel to the Deep Fried Revenge series, will leave you ready for seconds! Join Piper and the ladies on their latest escapade and discover why readers are hooked on this hilarious and heartwarming series.

Murder at the Festival
by Dani Simms

imageBack in her hometown, city girl Avery Parker is finally settling in after her husband’s sudden passing.

The town is abuzz with the annual wine festival and Avery is amped to show off Le Blanc Cellars’ newest release. But between pours of their famed Chenin Blanc, a lifeless body is found.

A curious gray stone clutched in the cold grip of a dead tourist intrigues the locals, and no one expects his death would be ruled a murder.

Driven by empathy for the dead man’s widow, Avery pieces together the puzzle and unearths a scandal larger than she could ever have imagined.

As long as she doesn’t get in her own way, Avery might bring justice for a tourist’s untimely demise. That is, unless she becomes a victim herself.

With more twists than the vines at Le Blanc Cellars, Murder at the Festival will have readers guessing this whodunit.

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!


May 15, 2023

Hello, Cozy Readers! I’m currently working on a novella in a new series, Butterfield’s Boutique and Computer Repair, in which two cousins carry on their grandmother’s jewelry shop, fix electronics, and, of course, solve mysteries.

The daughter of one of the cousins adores horses. And that love of horses is central to the overall arc of the series. It’s also a good reason for me to do more research for my books, which I love!

imageI’m doing a lot of reading about horses, which leads me to books like The History and Origins of the Virginia Gold Cup, on the Handmaiden to Genius website. This is also a beautiful book, which keeps bringing me back to librarian Amy Morrison and her love of leather-bound volumes!

Where has your curiosity taken you lately? Are you more of a “wander down the research trail” kind of reader, or do you “race to the finish line” when you’re looking something up?

Sending you cozy wishes,
Tammy D. Walker



Here’s another mystery to check out:

Ribbons of Death by Edita A. Petrick


When once in a Blue Moon myth collides with reality…

Carter is a man who lives for his work. The more dangerous, the better. The more remote, ditto. Anything that’ll keep him on the move; anything that won’t leave him a moment free to reflect on what he gave up, and what he lost due to neglect.

He’s the one that Special Agent Vernon Saunders calls, when he needs a precision tool to remove what threatens the security of the citizens. He’s the one he sends to have a chat with US diplomats overseas, about any alarming developments in their part of the world.



May 1, 2023

Hello, Cozy Readers! May is here, and gardening is in full swing at my house.

Around here, gardening runs in the family. Earlier this year, my kids and I planted some sunflowers that my parents started for us. I’m delighted to report that the sunflowers (which are my absolute favorite!) are doing well. 

We also have several sunflower plants that are volunteers out of the bird seed. Sometimes we get annoyed by squirrels knocking the seeds out of the feeders, but, hey, maybe they enjoy gardening too!

Once everything starts blooming, I promise I will send pictures in this newsletter!

What do you have planned for this month? I’d love to hear all about it!

Sending you cozy wishes,
Tammy D. Walker

PS: Have you read my cozy mystery Venus Rising? If you enjoyed the book, please consider leaving a review wherever you like reading reviews. Thank you!


Here are more mysteries to check out:

Home Tours, History & Homicide
by Sally Bayless

imageLibby Ballard, director of the history museum in the small town of Dogwood Springs, Missouri, is thrilled to be organizing a tour of local historic homes to benefit the museum.

Plans for the event are well underway when Libby stops by to confirm details with one of the homeowners—and finds he’s been murdered.

Join Libby, her golden retriever, Bella, and their friends as they solve this mystery!

Home Tours, History & Homicide is part of the Dogwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series. If you like a mystery with an animal who will win your heart, friends who feel like family, and a sweet small town, you’ll love this series!

A clean cozy mystery with a hint of romance.

Weather Or Not
by Anne Shillolo

imageCome rain or shine, injured cop Claire Beckett finds herself forced to solve a series of mysterious deaths in order to clear her name.

Weather Or Not is a bonus story and a prequel to the Murder In Season mysteries. Catriona West is a TV meteorologist or, as her boss says, ‘weather girl.’ She’s the best friend of Murder In Season main character, Detective Constable Claire Beckett.

Weather Or Not takes a look at two unbelievable days in Catriona’s life.

First, she has to make a split-second decision that could end up getting her fired from her dream job.

Next, she learns that her ex, Luke, has been arrested. Cat is tempted to let him rot in jail, but the thought of the hyper, nerdy storm-chaser behind bars for something he didn’t do sends her on the hunt for an alibi.

Even worse is the shocking news about her best friend, Claire.

Unlike the other books in the series, Weather Or Not doesn’t have a murder, but the non-stop action will keep you on the edge of your seat.

April 15, 2023

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Hi, Cozy Readers. Just in time for tea on Saturday, 4/15, I’ll be part of the Cozy Mystery Party Spring Has Sprung Author Takeover Event!

There will be several authors posting from 10am-8pm Eastern with news on their books as well as lots of giveaways. I’ll be on at 3pm Eastern, and at 3:25, I’ll post about a giveaway, including a signed paperback copy of Venus Rising!

See you there!

Sending cozy wishes,
Tammy D. Walker


Here are a couple more mysteries to check out:

Friends in Need by Elliott Hay

Every day, Peggy, Carole, and Madge get together to knit, drink tea, and exchange juicy tidbits of gossip. Occasionally, they indulge in a bit of murder … but only when strictly necessary.

When a tumble down the stairs lands one of their friends in hospital, Peggy, Carole, and Madge don’t believe it was an accident. They come together to protect her. But this case isn’t as straightforward as they’d hoped. For starters, this time, murder’s off the table – but not for the reasons they’re all too used to hearing.

Without resorting to lethal methods, will Peggy, Carole, and Madge find a way to help their friend?


Every Trick in the Spellbook by Emory Keller

imageThe fate of Segmimn’s School of Sorcery hangs in the balance and Astrid is determined to tip the scales.

In the mystical mountain town of Quincy, California, Astrid Saunders is the most beloved professor at Segmimn’s School of Sorcery. She manages to champion students and teachers alike while deftly keeping herself out of the spotlight.

But when her childhood friend-turned-rival, Claudia, is charged with murder, Astrid can’t shake the feeling she didn’t do it, and no matter how badly she’d like to see Claudia eat a slice of humble pie, she just can’t walk away.

Speaking up for a spoiled princess will put all eyes on Astrid, and right in the middle of the drama she despises.

All the clues point to Claudia, but something isn’t right. There are too many secrets surrounding the people involved, and those people go too high up for Astrid to be content with simple answers.

She’s going to prove Claudia was framed because if she can’t, Segmimn’s will be embroiled in scandal, be forced to close its doors, and Astrid will lose the closest family she’s ever known.

With so much at stake, it’s going to take everyone working together to solve the puzzle. Rag-tag students, a cranky old sorceress, and even Astrid’s intuitive dog find a way to help. The detective assigned to the case is trying to keep it professional despite the chemistry he feels with Astrid,

And Astrid, well, she’s in the middle–the reluctant champion of a fight she didn’t choose but one she can’t afford to lose.

April 1, 2023

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Dear Cozy Readers,

It’s April, one of my favorite months!image

Seeds are sprouting in my garden, the weather is warming up nicely, and it’s National Poetry Month here in the US. (Did you know that I’m also a poet?)

I’d love to hear about what you’re reading, growing, and working on this month!

And even though it’s April 1st when I’m sending this, I’m sincerely looking to grow my ARC team. If you’re interested, please send me a reply to this message.

Sending cozy wishes,
Tammy D. Walker


Here’s another mystery to check out:

Ventis & Victims: Red Line Coffee Shop Mystery Book 1
by Donna B McNicol

image“Chief, we’ve got a floater!”

A dead body is found on Shallow Lake in the town of Jumpers Hole. A retired fire investigator, George “Weezy” Nikolaus, had a few secrets. But who would want to kill him and why?

Garrett Phillips is the co-owner of the Red Line Coffee Shop with two of his firefighter friends, Brett “Smokey” Davis and Stevie “Grizz” Williams. When he becomes the primary suspect in the murder, his friends and fellow co-workers band together to find the real killer.

The Bobcat of Beauchamp and Other Tales
by M. R. Dimond

imageAfter earning multiple degrees and certifications, Johnny Ly, Dianne Cortez, and JD Thompson suspected the American Dream was not within their reach. They quit high-powered jobs and moved to an old mansion in a small Central Texas town. They thought their chief problem would be earning livings as a veterinarian, accountant, lawyer, and ABBA tribute band, but they keep collecting stray cats and stumbling over mysteries that threaten them and those close to them. This collection covers some of their first cases, even all the way back to their college days.

March 15, 2023

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Hi, Cozy Readers!

One of the great things about cozy mysteries is that there’s a mystery for just about every interest. From animal lovers to history buffs, foodies to treasure hunters, there’s a book for everyone.

Writer Jill Piscitello explains what makes a cozy mystery so cozy and lists examples in her recent post, “Write Stuff Wednesday: Popularity of Cozies.” (And a huge thank you to Jill for including
Venus Rising
under cruise ship mysteries!)

What kinds of cozies do you like best?

Sending you cozy wishes,


Here are a few more reads to explore:

Dog Gone Troubles

by Karen McSpade

imageMeet Sidney Grace: Quirky Journalist. Curious Witch. Professional Butterfingers. Sidney Grace, a young journalist living in Boston, isn’t ready for all the troubles heading her way. For starters, she’s curious about her grandmother’s magic even though her spellcasting is a bit rusty. Sidney finds herself caught between her curiosity to learn more and her mother’s hatred for all things supernatural. After all, her mom has a Tupperware business to run and magic isn’t part of her business plan! The fact that her dad doesn’t seem to be bothered by an occasional spell gone wild, isn’t smoothing the water between these two matriarchs. But the family drama and her untapped magic are the least of Sidney’s problems. Things turn worse when her new boss asks Sidney to cover the annual Pup Parade and she makes a terrible mistake that could cost her career…and ultimately her life. Can her grandmother cast a spell that works right the first time and save Sidney? Or will her troubles finally get the best of this new witch? Dog Gone Troubles is a fun, heartwarming paranormal cozy mystery with quirky and charming characters that will keep you spellbound! This book is the prequel for the highly-anticipated Crystal Beach Magic Mystery Series.


The Prince of Escondida

by Lottie Morgan


Martin, the Prince of Escondida and the heir to the throne, has been captured.

King Mateo enlists the help of Lucia and her all-woman team of elite spies to find Martin and bring him home. As they search for him, Lucia must come to terms with her growing feelings for the prince. As part of the team, Princess Liliana, musters all of her courage and leans heavily on her spy training to assist in getting her brother back. Will they arrive in time to save the heir? Martin’s captors want to know about the legendary treasure of Escondida, rumored to be enough wealth to take power. When he is questioned, Martin must decide if he should tell them what he knows or stay quiet. Does the young prince know where the treasure is and will he give up its location before help arrives? Join the team as they embark on this new mission. Grab your copy today and fall in love with the Mediterranean island country of Escondida.

Tremors Through Time

by Anastasia Abboud

image She’s made mistakes and paid the price, but Deidre Chisolm is no quitter. She’ll never again be a fool for a man, not even her gorgeous new neighbor with his haunted eyes and strange accent. She’ll be friendly, but nothing more. Lachlann has to go back to fourteenth-century Scotland. He can’t forsake his family, his son. But when a beautiful, kind, funny lady buys the house next door, he’s never been so drawn to anyone in his life. Would she believe his story? After years of struggling through nightmares and flashbacks, headaches and illiteracy, dare he ask her to help him return?


March 1, 2023

(This is a copy of my newsletter from March 1, 2023.  If you want to subscribe and get a free cozy mystery novelette, click here!)

imageHi! Who else is >exceedingly< glad March is here? I know, I know, it’s still technically winter (in the northern hemisphere anyway), but the trees are budding out here in Dallas, and the daffodils just opened. The garden catalogs have arrived. And it’ll be time to shop for seed packets soon, too.

What are you looking forward to this spring? For me, it’s definitely getting out into the backyard with my family and planting cosmos, zinnias, marigolds, and my absolute favorite, sunflowers!

I’m also looking forward to the bluebonnets. For Amy Morrison, the small town librarian aboard a British ocean liner in my cozy mystery Venus Rising , there’s nothing more “Texas” than iced tea and a field of bluebonnets. I’ll admit I’m partial to both too 🙂

Another spring project I’m looking forward to is growing my ARC team. If you’re interested, please reply to this message and let me know!

Here are more cozy mysteries to check out:

Free March 1st and 2nd: Murder Takes the Train: Belle Sisters Cozy Mysteries by Katherine H. Brown

image The quaint, mountain town of Riverbend Junction has only one train in and one train out for transportation. The town hasn’t been home for Zadie Belle and Darla Belle, two of the three Belle sisters, since they moved away several years ago, but when they return this year for Christmas a theft and a murder derails the train and all of their plans for getting back to their regular lives. Especially when Darla Belle disappears and is accused of the crimes. Stuck in the small town in more ways than one, the sisters must put their heads together to figure out the murderer or else find themselves railroaded into a murder charge themselves.


The second book in the Belle Sisters Cozy Mysteries series, Murder Takes a Swim , is available for pre-order!

imageZadie Belle Sanders has barely recovered from her last discovery of a body when she grabs hold of another one, literally. With the death of the only law enforcement officer in Riverbend Junction, it is up to Zadie Belle and May Belle to fetch help from down the mountain. With the main suspect on the loose, one sister swooning over the new deputy in town, and the other sister keeping secrets, Zadie Belle finds herself searching for both a murderer and patience. She isn’t sure which will be harder to find. Join Zadie Belle, Darla Belle, and May Belle, affectionately known in town as the Belle sisters, as they track down clues in their snowy mountain town with the help of Doctor Radley Carver, former high school nemesis, and Deputy Hofferman, the new law in town.


The Flower Arraignment by Ashleigh Quinn

imageA florist, a fire, and a socialite’s murder. . .

Emma Collins, the owner of the local flower shop, is a green thumb extraordinaire with a bit of a perfectionist quirk and an insatiable desire to solve mysteries. Once she sets her mind to something, she doesn’t stop until she figures it out.

When Emma reads about a seemingly innocent house fire in the local newspaper, she immediately suspects that there is more to the story. With the help of her best friend, she uncovers some clues and finds a body. Was the fire really an accident?

With the green light from the local sheriff’s office, she sets out on her own investigation. Turns out their quiet little town has more going on than she could have guessed. Can she and her best friend solve the murder before more bodies hit the ground?


72 Hours in Savannah by Jeff Stanger

imageJonathan Quick is in Savannah, just trying to find love and Twinkies. But the police have a different agenda. A body found at the local ballpark has a trophy sticking out of it. Not only is Quick the expert in identifying baseball relics, but he’s also connected to the suspected killer. The police think revenge is the motive. Quick is sure it’s greed. And now he has 72 hours to find the killer and the most valuable artifact in baseball history. It’s a treasure hunt like no other in the land where pirates routinely buried gold and people who got too close to the truth.