Hi, Cozy Readers! After a cold spell here in Dallas, we’re having more fall-like weather now. And the leaves are putting on a nice show now too. Whether it’s fall or spring where you are, I hope it’s just right for reading weather. Which, let’s be honest, is any weather, right?

Speaking of cozy reads, here’s a whole cornucopia of them here to explore:


Check out the books here. Titles include A Body in Redwork by Hillary Doan Sperry, Reunion, Runes & Revenge by Beverly Rearick, and Feeding Frenzy: Curse of the Necromancer by Maaja Wentz.

My short story, “The Gift,” is part of the promo too, and it’s available for free on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Books, and my website until 11/18. It’s $.99 on Amazon.

As always, I’d love to hear about what you’re reading and what’s making your world cozy these days! For me, it’s my trusty cup of tea and extra fuzzy gloves. How about you?

With warm (and toasty!) regards,

Tammy D. Walker


Want to explore a couple more titles? Here we go! (Please note: these titles are not part of the promo above, but they do offer up mystery!)

Mischief, Murder & Monkey Mayhem:

A Bed & Breakfast Cozy Mystery, Book 2 by Peyton Stone

imageA dead woman checked in at the bed and breakfast and it didn’t sit well with the other guests.

When the wealthy and notorious Lorraine Baker shows up for a room at Avery’s charming Mountain Acres Bed and Breakfast, it seems like an ordinary reservation. But by morning, Lorraine is dead, and though it appears she died in her sleep – the monkey thinks otherwise.

As the mystery piles up faster than the fluffy pancakes at breakfast, Avery, along with her sticky-fingered, kleptomaniac Capuchin monkey, Ali, digs into the details of Lorraine’s life.

Fake IDs, pending divorce papers, and a stockpile of pilfered pills led Avery to believe Lorraine wasn’t who she claimed to be.

With the unbeknownst help of her detective friend, Chris, Avery sets out to unravel the threads and reveal the true identity of the guest who checked in but never checked out.

Will she uncover the truth of her death before her own reservation at the B&B is permanently canceled?

A Grave Mistake: A Crystal Beach Paranormal Cozy Mystery

(Crystal Beach Magic Mystery Book 8) by Karen McSpade

Welcome to Crystal Beach, an enchanting town with a dangerous secret.
With another resident now six feet under and her dad’s neck on the line for murder, Sidney knows there’s been a grave mistake. Now, this witch must act quickly to clear his name and reveal the real danger lurking in this cozy beach town.

Guided by her grandmother’s wisdom, Sidney evokes the spirits to ask for guidance. But a surprise spectral figure joins the séance, and Sidney must convince this unlikely helper to aid them in solving the murder.

To complicate things, her father’s arrest strains her relationship with the chief of police, and navigating these murky waters won’t be easy. Though Sidney yearns to rekindle their romantic connection, family comes first, and Chief Reece isn’t going to budge for love.

Can this psychic witch find a way to peer into the past, revealing the clues she needs to locate the real killer? What secret does her magical feline unearth in the garden? And can they discover the evidence needed to free her father?