imageHello, Cozy Readers! March was a busy one for me, as I wrapped up the draft of The Wing of a Bee and started an outline for a cozy series I’m tentatively calling the “Not the End of the World Mysteries.” That series is one I should have news about by the end of the year, so stay tuned!

Otherwise, we’re getting ready here for the eclipse on the 8th. Dallas is in the path of totality, and my family and I are so excited about seeing this amazing event. Are you planning to watch the eclipse too?

March has also meant flowers! Primroses, oxalis, and bluets in my yard as well as hen bit, corn flowers, and poppies we’ve seen out on our walks. Oh, and this gorgeous rose too. I hope April brings you lots of beauty in nature and a bounty of good books too!

Sending you cozy wishes for great reads,
Tammy D. Walker

Here are more cozy reads to discover:

Death By Tinsel by C Farren


From Hollywood to Yorkshire, from fame to murder…

Barbara Lucci has it all; a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, money, a loving husband, and a starring role in the long-running American soap opera Forever and a Day, a job she’s cherished for forty years.

Then everything changes. Barbara’s soap is canceled, and her husband runs off with her all money. With nowhere to turn to, Barbara returns to her native England and the sleepy Yorkshire seaside town of Whitborough to stay with her mother June, who runs a bed and breakfast.

When someone from another bed and breakfast is strangled to death with some tinsel, Barbara is intrigued. Not only is the sole witness to the crime the victim’s cute border collie, Gulliver, but the local policeman investigating is none other than the first boy she ever kissed, Brendan Fury. Barbara decides she has to investigate this murder, not only for something to do but to save the reputation of her mother’s beloved B & B.

This is a fun, quirky, and clean, cozy mystery set in a beautiful Yorkshire seaside town with a glamorous soap star, cute dogs, dashing police officers, and a puzzling Christmas murder mystery.

Murder at the Harvest Field by Dani Simms


When a body is discovered in the middle of a vineyard’s harvest festival, winemaker Avery Parker must put down her glass of vino to pick up the clues.

With a dangerous murderer potentially lurking around in her small town of Los Robles, California, the once-peaceful community is thrown into turmoil.

Can Avery channel her amateur sleuth skills to crack the case? Along with her detective boyfriend Charles and canine companion, Sprinkles, by her side, she starts examining the victim’s past and piecing together the final moments of his life.

The clock is ticking as the close-knit town hangs in the balance.

Grab a bottle of your favorite vintage and get ready for a killer read filled with secrets, twists, and red herrings galore in Murder at the Harvest Field.

The Love Letter Mystery by Lee Williamson


A Special Book. A Love Letter. A Mystery to be Solved.

Big changes are happening in Clara’s life, is now really the time to be helping her friend Sassy find the owner of a mysterious love letter?

Her boyfriend Tyrone wants her to concentrate on their future, but solving the mystery is just too intriguing to ignore.

Will Clara find the owner of the letter? And will she still have a boyfriend if she does?