Hello, Cozy Readers! May begins, for me, a season of travel weather, that warm-but-not-too-warm that makes me want to pack up and head somewhere for an adventure. Or at least read about a great getaway!

imageWhen I started researching Venus Rising, I watched a lot of travel videos. Which meant I was introduced to packing videos. Now, I think packing videos are useful guides to making sure we have just what we need without overburdening ourselves. But, more than that, I think they’re also a fascinating genre too. The stories around packing can be just as interesting as the trips the suitcases will be taken on!

And on the topic of suitcases, I found this radio at an estate sale. This radio geek couldn’t resist a radio with a travel case aesthetic, of course! I haven’t had the chance to use it much yet, but I am planning a video of a band scan soon.

Does May say “travel time” to you too? And are you into watching packing videos as much as I am? I’d love to hear from you!

Sending cozy wishes for great reads,
Tammy D. Walker


Here are more books to explore:

Murder at the Cheese Shop

by Dani Simms

imageThe peaceful atmosphere of Los Robles is shattered when a murder takes place at the neighborhood cheese shop, causing chaos among the tight-knit community.

Local innkeeper and vineyard owner, Avery Parker, is shocked to discover that she is implicated in the mysterious death in her small hometown.

As Avery begins to investigate, she encounters a myriad of suspects, each with a convincing motive. She uncovers secrets and betrayals from past and present love interests, a disgruntled ex-employee, and a suspicious resident.

Her captivating journey leads her to hidden agendas in the search to solve the crime. The gossipy residents have their guesses, but who can she really trust?

With twists and turns at every corner, Murder at the Cheese Shop is a thrilling mystery that will keep sleuthing readers on the edge of their seats.

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!

The Goat that Wasn’t; A Baa-d Mystery

by Alexie Linn

imageGet ready to embark on a whimsical and mysterious journey with Sally, a woman who has always been pet-free, as she grapples with the unexpected appearance of a black and white billy goat in her dooryard.

This goat has no intention of leaving and becomes a constant and quirky presence in Sally’s life, pushing her beyond her comfort zone and into world of goat-related antics and misadventures.

Join Sally as she navigates the challenges of this unexpected visitor and discovers the surprising connections that can be formed when we open ourselves up to the unexpected. In this captivating twelfth installment of the series, prepare to be charmed by the humorous and heartwarming tale of Sally and the goat that defies all expectations.

The Haunted Inn

by Alex Mahon

imageCristina Solans always thought she lived in a sleepy little village where nothing happens. But when she is hired to investigate a possible haunting at a former inn, she uncovers more skeletons in the cupboard than a graveyard.

The case veers off the beaten track when her boyfriend hints at a new career move, which would mean the end of their relationship. What’s worse, he doesn’t seem too worried about it

Uncovering all these secrets and skeletons means having to reassess her relationship with all and sundry. Where else can she turn for help? The answer is closer to home than she thinks.

The Phantom of Escondida
by Mixed Bag Publishing

imageIsla can get in and out of buildings without being seen. She knows how to blend into a crowd, so when Miguel was putting together his team of elite spies, she jumped at the chance to work with such a legend. Now, the team is on the hunt for the notorious Valeria, who has made her boldest move yet.

Teo is Princess Isabella’s bodyguard and a childhood friend with Isla. When the princess is kidnapped on his watch, he immediately goes to Miguel, who partners him with Isla. As the two work together, the two start seeing each other as more than friends.

When a teammate whispers in Isla’s ear that Teo might be a double-agent with Valeria, Isla doesn’t know what to think. Are all the spies destined to fall for Valeria’s goons? Can Teo and Isla find Princess Isabella before it’s too late? Will our phantom be able to catch the illusive villain or will she get away…again?

Join the team for another action-packed adventure. Don’t miss the next chapter of Spies in Escondida as they continue to defend their country from its latest threat.