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Hi, Cozy Readers!

Greetings from chilly Dallas! Since this is my first newsletter, I’d like to introduce myself (and I’d enjoy hearing more about you as well). So, hi, I’m Tammy. I’m a poet, mystery writer, teacher, radio geek, and a mom. I’m also a life-long Texan, originally from Houston and with a couple years in Austin in there too.

In 2020, when my family and I were sheltering at home, we watched a lot of travel videos. I also read a lot of travel guides that year too, including my copy of a London travel guide by Rick Steves, which I’d bought in preparation for my first visit to Europe over twenty years ago.

imageI was also reading a lot of mysteries, many of them cozies. I love reading, well, just about anything, but something about the pandemic made mysteries more appealing to me than before. That said, I’ve always loved mysteries, and my husband and I would watch Masterpiece Mystery quite often before the kids came along.

One afternoon, I was browsing Cunard’s website and gazed for a moment at a gorgeous library on ship. I thought, Hey, I’d totally read a cozy mystery set in a cruise ship library. Then I thought, Hey, I’d totally love to write a cozy set in a cruise ship library.

And that’s how my newest book Venus Rising began….

So that’s me. I’d love to hear more about you, too. You can just hit reply and say hello, if you’d like! (And, psst, I’m setting up an ARC team, so drop me a line if you’re up for joining the group.)

Sending you cozy wishes on this cold morning,

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