Hello, Cozy Readers! May is here, and gardening is in full swing at my house.

Around here, gardening runs in the family. Earlier this year, my kids and I planted some sunflowers that my parents started for us. I’m delighted to report that the sunflowers (which are my absolute favorite!) are doing well. 

We also have several sunflower plants that are volunteers out of the bird seed. Sometimes we get annoyed by squirrels knocking the seeds out of the feeders, but, hey, maybe they enjoy gardening too!

Once everything starts blooming, I promise I will send pictures in this newsletter!

What do you have planned for this month? I’d love to hear all about it!

Sending you cozy wishes,
Tammy D. Walker

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Here are more mysteries to check out:

Home Tours, History & Homicide
by Sally Bayless

imageLibby Ballard, director of the history museum in the small town of Dogwood Springs, Missouri, is thrilled to be organizing a tour of local historic homes to benefit the museum.

Plans for the event are well underway when Libby stops by to confirm details with one of the homeowners—and finds he’s been murdered.

Join Libby, her golden retriever, Bella, and their friends as they solve this mystery!

Home Tours, History & Homicide is part of the Dogwood Springs Cozy Mystery Series. If you like a mystery with an animal who will win your heart, friends who feel like family, and a sweet small town, you’ll love this series!

A clean cozy mystery with a hint of romance.

Weather Or Not
by Anne Shillolo

imageCome rain or shine, injured cop Claire Beckett finds herself forced to solve a series of mysterious deaths in order to clear her name.

Weather Or Not is a bonus story and a prequel to the Murder In Season mysteries. Catriona West is a TV meteorologist or, as her boss says, ‘weather girl.’ She’s the best friend of Murder In Season main character, Detective Constable Claire Beckett.

Weather Or Not takes a look at two unbelievable days in Catriona’s life.

First, she has to make a split-second decision that could end up getting her fired from her dream job.

Next, she learns that her ex, Luke, has been arrested. Cat is tempted to let him rot in jail, but the thought of the hyper, nerdy storm-chaser behind bars for something he didn’t do sends her on the hunt for an alibi.

Even worse is the shocking news about her best friend, Claire.

Unlike the other books in the series, Weather Or Not doesn’t have a murder, but the non-stop action will keep you on the edge of your seat.