Hi, Cozy Readers! It’s June, and that means it’s beach reads season! What are your favorite cozy beach reads?

In the spirit of the summer season, I’ve got my iced tea, a good book, and a giveaway to link to share! Enter A Cozy Mystery Beach Giveaway, and you can win a cozy mystery prize pack: https://aconitecafe.com/acozymysterybeachgiveaway/


Wishing you good weather and happy reading,
Tammy D. Walker

Here are more mysteries to check out:

The Death of Hope” by Lou Collins

imageFamily can be murder!
A Scolaris Short Mystery

When Ted’s daring plan to put an end to his father’s brutish ways backfires, Dad ends up dead, and he’s not the only one.

To make matters worse, the local guard arrests his defenseless sister for the crime, ignoring the never-ending list of suspects with a motive.

Sleuth along as Ted uncovers secrets buried in his family’s past to unmask a murderer and save the only family he has left.


Pies and Pilfering: Deep Fried Revenge Prequel by Karen McSpade

Taking a bite out of crime never tasted so sweet!image  When a local widower’s prize-winning Peonies and famous Imperial Lemon Pie disappear faster than a hot knife through butter, undercover detective Piper Sandstone and her crime-fighting gal pals, the Dentures and Diamonds Crime Squad, must weed out a criminal before it’s too late.

But with a mysterious newcomer lurking around the small town and the thefts escalating, the ladies are left scratching their heads and wondering if they’re dealing with a garden-variety criminal or a mastermind thief.

As Piper digs deeper into the case, she must maintain her cover and avoid the handsome sheriff’s scrutiny. With the Rose Cup competition around the corner, the pressure is on to solve the case and return the stolen goods. Can Piper and her squad solve the case before the thief strikes again?

Filled with humor, friendship, and crime-solving fun, Pies and Pilfering, a culinary cozy mystery prequel to the Deep Fried Revenge series, will leave you ready for seconds! Join Piper and the ladies on their latest escapade and discover why readers are hooked on this hilarious and heartwarming series.

Murder at the Festival
by Dani Simms

imageBack in her hometown, city girl Avery Parker is finally settling in after her husband’s sudden passing.

The town is abuzz with the annual wine festival and Avery is amped to show off Le Blanc Cellars’ newest release. But between pours of their famed Chenin Blanc, a lifeless body is found.

A curious gray stone clutched in the cold grip of a dead tourist intrigues the locals, and no one expects his death would be ruled a murder.

Driven by empathy for the dead man’s widow, Avery pieces together the puzzle and unearths a scandal larger than she could ever have imagined.

As long as she doesn’t get in her own way, Avery might bring justice for a tourist’s untimely demise. That is, unless she becomes a victim herself.

With more twists than the vines at Le Blanc Cellars, Murder at the Festival will have readers guessing this whodunit.

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!