Hello, Cozy Readers! It’s been a busy couple weeks here at my house, hosting family from out of town and getting ready for some exciting things in the next couple months. Halloween, of course, but also wrapping up some writing projects and starting a couple more.


And on the topic of exciting things, I’m thrilled to share with you my short story, “The Gift,” which is free until mid-November via my website, B&N and Kobo, and for 99¢ on Amazon. You can find links to the story on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo here: https://books.tammydwalker.com/thegiftshortstory

My kids’ costumes are ready, but I’m not sure what I’ll dress as…. Do you have plans for Halloween? I’d love to hear about them!

Sending you cozy wishes,

Tammy D. Walker


Here are more cozy mysteries to explore:

The Only Way is Larceny by Lou Collins

imageA jealous understudy. A backstage prankster. Will a missing prop steal the show?

Though it’s summer, Chloe Essex is rehearsing the theatre company’s birthday spectacular—The Nutcracker! But when the Sugar Plum Fairy’s priceless tiara vanishes, she only has hours to find it before the play opens.

With temperatures and tensions rising, the cast and crew discover the spotlight reveals more than anyone bargained for. Chloe must navigate a hotbed of rivalries and mishaps to unravel the mystery and save her last performance.

Can she solve the crime or will the curtain on Chloe’s career and history’s most unconventional Nutcracker fall forever?

Dive into this laugh-out-loud contemporary British cozy mystery full of twists, turns, and surprises that are sure to keep you guessing until the final act!

Death at First Night by Kimberly Griggs


A blast from Mallory’s past has arrived in tranquil Key West, and she’s not at all thrilled about it.

Andrew Mercer, her former boyfriend and reason number one for her move to the Southernmost part of the US, is staking his claim. He wants her back, and he will stop at nothing to make that happen. Or is there a more nefarious reason he’s lurking about?

Mallory’s blonde, bombshell nemesis is found toes up with a scarf around her neck at the Hemingway Home Bookstore, and Andrew is suspect numero uno. Only, he claims he’s innocent and wants Mallory to find her killer or else. Spurred on by the desire to have her life back, Mallory employs the help of her quirky best friend, Juniper Jones, as well as newest gal pal, Ernesta Castro, a pot-laced-cigar-smoking hippie with a penchant for motorcycle-riding, leather-wearing giants.

With the hunky Huck Jameson MIA, Mallory turns to sexy Detective Luke Beckett for assistance, but it seems Beckett is after more than just a killer—he’s after her heart. Huck’s return could be problematic for their budding romance, but is he too late? Who will win her heart? And will the killer get to her before she can explore her own Happily Ever After?

Corrupted in Corpus Christi by Scarlett Moss

Why would you suddenly sacrifice your entire life? A Travel Cozy / Brozy Mystery Prequel

Why would you suddenly sacrifice your entire life?

imageThe murder of your best friend?

Being set up as a suspect?

Realizing those in authority are deceitful and corrupt?

Joan and Alen Arny are dealing with a set of unimaginable circumstances in different ways.

Alen, blocked from doing his job as sheriff when his best friend is murdered, feels frustrated and helpless but that’s nothing compared to what he feels when the murderer is revealed.

Joan uses her time off from being a 911 operator to do what Alen can’t and investigate one friend for the murder of another. She’s realizing that being on the front lines of agony and despair is slowly destroying her faith in humanity as she witnesses the increasing level of depravity in society.

Will they survive the investigations that will leave them either victims or suspects? Is there a single solution to heal them both?

Read it today, because we love a cozy mystery where the good guys prevail.

Corrupted in Corpus Christi is the short prequel to the series.