Hello, Cozy Readers! It’s February, a time when thoughts turn to love . . . and decluttering the house. Or for me, they do. I’d planned on doing some clearing out in January, but our usual first-week-of-February deep freeze happened in January instead this year. While I’m glad to have that out of the way, I did get behind on my decluttering project for the year. After the usual ice-related shut downs and post-freeze catching up, though, I’m back on track. And the weather in Dallas has been warm and promises to stay that way for a bit. So it’s a good time to drop off donations!

I think my favorite tip for decluttering is to think about how you’ll use the space after it has been cleared of unused items. That has kept me motivated, and it’s made parting with things less emotional too. I do have big plans for using the space, which includes making more videos!

And I donated several boxes of books I’ve enjoyed but probably won’t reread. The book fair I donated them to benefits a group close to my heart, and I feel like I’ve given the novels and poetry collections the chance to be loved by new owners!

Do you have a favorite home organization tip? I’d love to hear about it!

Wishing you cozy reads (and an organized home, if you’re decluttering too!),
Tammy D. Walker


It’s February, so here are a few titles to explore, whether you’re feeling like a cozy or a romance!

The Happy Cat’s Detective

by Alex Mahon

Cristina Solans returns home to Spain after volunteering with a wildlife rescue in Canada. Her veterinary tech job awaits her but she already misses the almost boyfriend she left behind.Her mother has joined a group of friends in a new adventure: cat rescue. This brings about a host of opportunities for various escapades as they start a refuge out in the country.Who would have expected a stolen cat and a missing necklace would turn Cristina into a detective? She sure didn’t…


Hidden in the Writer’s Room

by Michelle L. E. Price


An accountant-turned-actress is keeping one too many secrets in this sweet, RomCom based in LA

Laughter leads to love in this funny modern romance between a hit TV show’s narrator and the writer who brings her to life

When an LA accountant is cast as the snarky narrator for a new TV comedy, it’s like a dream come true. One small hitch: Meghan has to keep her part hidden. Now, she’s juggling a secret identity, avoiding the press, and hiding a crush on the lead writer of “Truth in Advertising”. If things go public, can on screen laughter lead Meghan to real love?



Love At The Office… A Later-In-Life, Curvy Woman, Sweet Office Romance

by Kaytee Bradley

imageLOVE… At The Office

Can two introverts find the courage to overcome their past and finally find love?

When Andrea accepts a limited-time contract to help Paul set up a new department of his Marketing Agency, the last she expects is to find the man who makes her want to overcome her fear of commitment.

Can she convince Paul to give her a chance to heal his wounds?

Can Paul learn to trust again?

Love At The Office… is a later-in-life, short, and sweet romance novelette. Love at first sight, A bit of angst, Low heat. High emotions.