Hello, Cozy Readers! Warmer weather means spring cleaning here, and as part of that, I’ve been going through all my fabrics and threads, trying to figure out when I’m actually going to get around to all the beautiful projects I’d envisioned when I bought the stuff….

If I had the time, I think I’d take up quilting. I love the way patterns and colors in the fabrics work together to tell a story, complementing and clashing and then making something beautifully complete. And also, there’s the coziness of curling up beneath something so carefully crafted.

In spite of coming from a talented family full of women who sew, paint, crochet, knit, garden, and craft realistic-looking flowers out of fondant and food coloring, I’ve decided to stick with writing as my art. I won’t post pictures, but I’m very good at crocheting trapezoids . . . that should have been squares! That said, I’m grateful to have grown up watching my grandmother, mother, and sisters engaging in these crafts, because seeing them work gave me more appreciation for the process. Which is, in my mind, quality time!

My second quarter feels like it’s going more slowly than the first, but I did finish a draft of a novelette this past weekend, and this week, I’m working on poems for my current manuscript. Happy National Poetry Month!

Do you sew? Bake? Paint? I’d love to hear about your crafts and artwork!

Sending you cozy wishes,
Tammy D. Walker

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