July 15, 2024

Hello, Cozy Readers! I’m over the moon to let you know that Down to Earth, the follow-up to Venus Rising, is available for preorder now!

Stacey Hengesbach has enough to worry about with a pecan harvest, festival preparations, and a daughter who’s eager to leave their tiny hometown all needing her attention. So when a radio antenna tower falls, seriously injuring its owner, she’s willing to believe it’s an accident like everyone else in the county does, including the sheriff. But then another antenna tower falls, this time on her best friend’s cafe while they’re inside. With the help of her family, friends old and new, and the local ham radio club, Stacey races to solve the mystery of the falling antennas before another one comes crashing down.

Join Amy’s older sister, Stacey, in their hometown in this cozy crime novel, the second book in the Daw County Sisters Mysteries!

Wishing you cozy reads,

Tammy D. Walker



While you’re waiting for Down to Earth, why not check out these stories?

The Doggy Bakery Cozy Mystery Series Box Set
by Belinda Page

image#1: Dastardly Deceit and The Bow Wow Bakery

Pet owners are thrilled with their small town’s new doggy bakery until murder threatens their freshly baked treats!

After moving from New York City to her hometown of Glenwood Falls, Sophie Harrington wants a quiet life with her sweet sable weenie dog Max. She opens a dog bakery for furry friends whose tails wag while munching on delicious baked treats, which will be featured at the upcoming Fall Festival. Excitement suddenly stops when Sophie discovers a dead body outside the bakery! A fierce local CEO is dead, and it’s clear his death was not an accident. Sophie realizes she, Hadley, Max, and a handsome friend from the past must find out who’s responsible before the jeopardized Fall Festival is canceled for good.

*** Doggy Treat recipes included! ***

Also contains books 2-5 in this series

Murder at the Chocolatier by Dani Simms


As secrets melt like molten chocolate, a determined detective must navigate a web of intrigue to uncover the bitter truth.

The life of innkeeper and vineyard owner, Avery Parker, is suddenly interrupted as she discovers two of her dear friends are suspected in the small-town chocolatier’s sudden death.

Partnered up with her devoted golden retriever, Sprinkles, Avery dons her amateur detective hat and uses her keen observation to solve the case by uncovering truths about the most unexpected suspects.

But the clues aren’t adding up, and Avery is forced to question those closest to her in unimaginable ways.

As time runs out, she must not only clear her friends’ names but also avoid a killer who just may attack her next.

Join Avery on a delectable journey through the charming small town of Los Robles, where she unravels a tantalizing blend of small-town charm, clean romance, and culinary cozy mystery in “Murder at the Chocolatier.”

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!


Finding Lottie by Hilary Pugh


A new home and a new companion. A steady flow of humdrum work. What could possibly go wrong?

Ian Skair retired from the police following a heist in which he was shot. He now works as a private investigator taking safe if dull cases.


He lives alone with his dog in a quiet village. Lottie the dog likes to explore and one day she doesn’t come home. Ian sets out to find her with the help of a feisty school teacher and a small girl who is very good at drawing.

Will it be a simple matter of finding a lost dog or will he be drawn into something far more sinister?

Finding Lottie is a prequel to the Ian Skair: Private Detective series. It is a novella which will be followed by full length novels.

July 1, 2024

Hello, Cozy Readers! Summer is here, and my family and I have been finding fun ways to enjoy the time inside. Reading lots of library books, of course, but also doing puzzles, playing games, and trying different lemon cake recipes. Spoiler alert: so far, all the lemon cakes have been fantastic on their own, but in-season strawberries have made them all irresistible!

imageI’ve also been working on the second novella in my new series, the Not the End of the World Mysteries. The first, Allies, Arson, and Prepping for the Apocalypse, should be back from the editor soon, and I’ll have a link for that in October.

And I’m starting a series of videos about my cozies over on Instagram. Here’s a link to the first video, a quick intro: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C84WVt8Pem8

I’d love to hear about what you’ve got planned for the new season. Do you read with the seasons? I’ve just started reading a book set in fall–maybe that will help things feel cooler around here!

Sending cozy wishes for great reads,
Tammy D. Walker

Here are more stories to discover:

Cat Scratch Murder
by Karen McSpade

Magic in this witch’s family has a name: Trouble

Meet Sidney Grace. Quirky journalist, Hesitant witch, Professional butterfingers.

Her grandmother believes Sidney’s talent for communicating with the dead makes her the most powerful witch in the family, but Sidney just wants to make it through the day without getting fired.

A young writer living in Boston, Sidney is far from the small wacky town of Crystal Beach, Florida, where her spell-happy grandmother retired. She is perfectly happy with her career, her four cats, and the fact that she hasn’t been on a date in… well, years. All is well until her estranged mother informs Sidney that her grandmother has been arrested for murdering a resident at her retirement community.

Sidney road-trips to Florida to discover that her grandmother has no alibi, her grandfather isn’t as dead as she thought he was, and one of her cats can speak. To make matters worse, the handsome Officer Reece is tough on criminals and even tougher on witches. Who cooked up the deadly scone? And why are residents at Shifting Sands suddenly disappearing?

Now, Sidney must embrace her own magical talents to prove her grandmother’s innocence and stop the killer bent on destroying anyone who gets in the way.

Murder In The Manuscripts
by Lee Williamson

A hidden diary. A scrap of paper. An abandoned puppy.

Could these three clues mean that Maggie’s friend Lawrence didn’t die from natural causes? Maggie believes so and intends to investigate, even if her broken ankle is slowing her down.

Fresh from heartbreak, Clara travels from Sydney to country New Zealand to look after her injured great-aunt, only to find Maggie set upon investigating her friends death.

As the two women dig into the death they uncover a not-so-wholesome side to the township of Waiawa, one which Sargent Richardson would rather they stayed away from.

With help from her Mystery Book Club, will Maggie find out the truth about Lawrence’s death? And will Marple the dog find her forever home?

The Brotherhood Solution
by K.C. Brennan

imageAs they get closer to unraveling the key to the cryptic documents have Mila and Oleck set themselves and their friends on a dangerous collision course with the Brotherhood?

Mila and Oleck have returned from England, with more information to help everyone in solving the clues in the documents from the library. And perhaps even a better understanding of each other??

Meanwhile, their friends have been working tirelessly to find out what they can about the Brotherhood and the reasons behind their interest in these documents.

However, the Brotherhood has its own agenda…which includes framing one of their own, kidnapping, attempted murder….and just who is Mr. Black anyway?

As our friends attempt to put all the pieces together, can they figure everything out before the Brotherhood charges on with their final solution?


June 15, 2024

Hi, Cozy Readers! May ended and June began with quite a few storms here in Dallas. I thought I’d be prepared for them.

After all, I grew up in hurricane country and have lived in tornado alley for over twenty years now. And I’m drafting a cozy series featuring a main character whose brother is concerned with weather-related disaster preparedness. So I’m a little embarrassed to say that while I was fairly well prepared, there were some important things I missed.

Our power was out for several days, and while we had plenty of the essentials, such as food, water, and a well-stocked e-reader with battery backup, I didn’t have a good way to get to my files for my June 1st newsletter once we did relocate. So my apologies for missing you last time!

That’s remedied now, and everything on my PC is backed up!

I hope you’re all well, and I’m keeping those of you in disasters of any kind in my thoughts.

Since this is a cozy newsletter, I’d like to leave y’all on a comforting note. One reason I love to read is that books provide me with a mini vacation (see also: my love of British mysteries and a good cup of tea!). Below are stories for you to explore, and if you have recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Sending you cozy wishes for great reads,
Tammy D. Walker


Here are more stories to discover:

The Early Adventures of the Lollipop Club” by Jinny Alexander

imageThis short story takes us back to Jess O’Malley’s childhood, in a fun serving of backstory to complement the Jess O’Malley Irish Village Mystery Series.

Jess, now seven years old, is doing her bit for Neighbourhood Watch. She’s already rescued Mr Jenkins’s cat but now Mr Jenkins has a suspicious visitor. Who is the woman and why is she in Mr Jenkins’s house for exactly seven minutes? Why is Jess’s brother Eric in a tree, and can Watson help the young siblings to solve the mystery before the bus arrives to take the mystery visitor away?

This story introduces Jess and Eric’s childhood love of sleuthing and the origins of the Lollipop Club they resurrect as adults when Jess, throughout the main series, stumbles on murder and mayhem far more often than any small Irish village should expect.

The Only Way is Larceny by Lou Collins

A jealous understudy. A backstage prankster. Will a missing prop steal the show?

Though it’s summer, Chloe Essex is rehearsing the theatre company’s birthday spectacular—The Nutcracker! But when the Sugar Plum Fairy’s priceless tiara vanishes, she only has hours to find it before the play opens.

With temperatures and tensions rising, the cast and crew discover the spotlight reveals more than anyone bargained for. Chloe must navigate a hotbed of rivalries and mishaps to unravel the mystery and save her last performance.

Can she solve the crime or will the curtain on Chloe’s career and history’s most unconventional Nutcracker fall forever?

Dive into this laugh-out-loud contemporary British cozy mystery full of twists, turns, and surprises that are sure to keep you guessing until the final act!

Tempting Fête (Men Who Stitch Mysteries 1): A Diverse Cozy Mystery by Kate Silvers


imageJust a man, a murder, and a really, really embarrassing hobby.

Obadiah (Di) Goode has several problems. As the only African-American member of the Prospector’s Rest, North Carolina Sheriff’s Department, he’s already generally overlooked and ignored. But if news of his secret gets out, he’ll never hear the end of it.

Still, keeping the fact that he’s far faster with a knitting (or crochet or embroidery or, well, any kind of) needle than a gun is his usual concern. But when this sleepy mountain town which is home to more crafts shops than people opens its Sixth Annual Crafts Fête with its unbeloved mayor dropping dead out of nowhere, Di suddenly has much bigger concerns.

Roped into secretly investigating the case by MacBeth (Mac) Welles, the beautiful woman Di’s had a crush on since they were both in the playpen, Di gives in, and they and the department’s resident Boston terrier mascot, Sgt. Peewee–along with occasional insights from his online Men Who Stitch friends–discover any number of viable suspects. Was it the craft store owner the mayor broke off an affair with, who’s a bit too handy with her knitting needles? The local vacation home billionaire whose son may have gone too far this time? The local baker whose new recipe for hemp brownies has run afoul of the law? Or is it someone even closer to home?

Despite a complete lack of experience of anything besides tempting black bears out of town and breaking up tiffs between crafters, Di needs to figure it out. Because when a second person mysteriously collapses, it becomes obvious that the killer is getting a taste for death, and only Di and Mac can stop them before it’s too late.

A funny, romantic, and diverse cozy mystery filled with quirky characters you’ll want to make friends with and a town so warm and crazy that you’ll want to move in, Tempting Fête will leave you in stitches and begging for another mystery.

May 15, 2024

Hello, Cozy Readers! This year has been a fascinating one for looking up: first the total eclipse in April, and then the recent northern lights in May. I wasn’t able to see anything here in cloudy Dallas. But, as a radio geek, I did follow along in radio groups, where people posted pictures and discussed how the solar storms affected what they could hear, particularly from far-distant stations.

After thinking about the sky so much recently, I’m now focusing on coming back Down to Earth! (Okay, I’m a writer, I love word play, haha, couldn’t help myself!) I’m excited to announce the upcoming release date for the follow-up novel to Venus Rising. The second in the Daw County Sisters Mysteries series will be out September 9th. I’ll have links and a cover reveal soon, so stay tuned! And yes, this one has plenty for the radio fan crowd!

Did you catch the northern lights? I’d love to hear about it!

Sending cozy wishes for great reads,
Tammy D. Walker

While you’re waiting for Down to Earth, why not find out more about these titles:

Grace in Hollywood: A Grace Michelle Mystery by Kari Bovee

imageAll that glitters… is sometimes blood. With her golden ticket buried in the ground, can she save a wrongly accused teen from the gallows?

Hollywood, 1924. Promoted to lead costume designer of a star-studded film, Grace Michelle should be on top of the world. But between the demands of her job, her sister’s recent death, and the troubled teenaged girl she’s fostering, she’s struggling to please everyone and still keep a smile on her face. And when a Tinseltown shindig turns deadly, Grace is horrified to discover her young charge unconscious alongside the director’s grisly corpse.

Determined to prove the girl’s innocence, Grace’s own haunted past fills her sleep with prophetic nightmares. And no sooner has she sought clarity from a medium than a second body lands the scared teenager in the slammer.

Can Grace turn the camera on the real culprit before another victim ends up on the cutting room floor?

Murder at the Summer Solstice Sleuthfest: A Ginny Jomes Alaskan Cozy Mystery
by Bebe Steiner

imageMeet Moose Peak, Alaska’s retired elementary school teacher, Ginny Jomes. That’s Jomes with an “M”. Book club maven, owner of a faithful miniature dachshund … and mystery solver.

Step into the charming town of Moose Peak, Alaska, and meet the witty and determined Ginny Jomes, a retired elementary school teacher turned silver-haired amateur sleuth. With her trusty miniature dachshund by her side and her best friends, the Moose Peak Mavens, Ginny is ready to start life again after being recently widowed.

On the opening morning of the annual Summer Solstice Sleuthfest writing convention a dead body is found in the Moose Peak Mountain Lodge’s new eco-tram. When fellow Maven and lodge owner Donna Matthews becomes the prime suspect, Ginny knows she has to save Donna. With the help of her book club – the Moose Peak Mavens, a talented writer with a murky past attending the conference and her trust mini dachshund, Ginny sets out to find the real killer. But will she become his next target?


Peril at Peacock Perch: A Seniors Cozy Mystery by Suzanne Rudd Hamilton

imageA murder in Peacock Perch points suspicion to one of their own

A murder case falls into the laps of the Secret Senior Sleuths Society leading the trail of clues to within the community for suspects, including one of its own. Madame Sleuth compiles an elite team from the senior detectives to follow the gossip and social media posts in the neighborhood to reveal potential clues, along with a combination of good old-fashioned sleuthing and technology-based investigation. With the high stakes of murder so close to their paradise home, can this group of senior citizens use their wits and lifetime experience and knowledge to crack the case and find the perpetrator no matter who it is?

May 1, 2024

Hello, Cozy Readers! May begins, for me, a season of travel weather, that warm-but-not-too-warm that makes me want to pack up and head somewhere for an adventure. Or at least read about a great getaway!

imageWhen I started researching Venus Rising, I watched a lot of travel videos. Which meant I was introduced to packing videos. Now, I think packing videos are useful guides to making sure we have just what we need without overburdening ourselves. But, more than that, I think they’re also a fascinating genre too. The stories around packing can be just as interesting as the trips the suitcases will be taken on!

And on the topic of suitcases, I found this radio at an estate sale. This radio geek couldn’t resist a radio with a travel case aesthetic, of course! I haven’t had the chance to use it much yet, but I am planning a video of a band scan soon.

Does May say “travel time” to you too? And are you into watching packing videos as much as I am? I’d love to hear from you!

Sending cozy wishes for great reads,
Tammy D. Walker


Here are more books to explore:

Murder at the Cheese Shop

by Dani Simms

imageThe peaceful atmosphere of Los Robles is shattered when a murder takes place at the neighborhood cheese shop, causing chaos among the tight-knit community.

Local innkeeper and vineyard owner, Avery Parker, is shocked to discover that she is implicated in the mysterious death in her small hometown.

As Avery begins to investigate, she encounters a myriad of suspects, each with a convincing motive. She uncovers secrets and betrayals from past and present love interests, a disgruntled ex-employee, and a suspicious resident.

Her captivating journey leads her to hidden agendas in the search to solve the crime. The gossipy residents have their guesses, but who can she really trust?

With twists and turns at every corner, Murder at the Cheese Shop is a thrilling mystery that will keep sleuthing readers on the edge of their seats.

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!

The Goat that Wasn’t; A Baa-d Mystery

by Alexie Linn

imageGet ready to embark on a whimsical and mysterious journey with Sally, a woman who has always been pet-free, as she grapples with the unexpected appearance of a black and white billy goat in her dooryard.

This goat has no intention of leaving and becomes a constant and quirky presence in Sally’s life, pushing her beyond her comfort zone and into world of goat-related antics and misadventures.

Join Sally as she navigates the challenges of this unexpected visitor and discovers the surprising connections that can be formed when we open ourselves up to the unexpected. In this captivating twelfth installment of the series, prepare to be charmed by the humorous and heartwarming tale of Sally and the goat that defies all expectations.

The Haunted Inn

by Alex Mahon

imageCristina Solans always thought she lived in a sleepy little village where nothing happens. But when she is hired to investigate a possible haunting at a former inn, she uncovers more skeletons in the cupboard than a graveyard.

The case veers off the beaten track when her boyfriend hints at a new career move, which would mean the end of their relationship. What’s worse, he doesn’t seem too worried about it

Uncovering all these secrets and skeletons means having to reassess her relationship with all and sundry. Where else can she turn for help? The answer is closer to home than she thinks.

The Phantom of Escondida
by Mixed Bag Publishing

imageIsla can get in and out of buildings without being seen. She knows how to blend into a crowd, so when Miguel was putting together his team of elite spies, she jumped at the chance to work with such a legend. Now, the team is on the hunt for the notorious Valeria, who has made her boldest move yet.

Teo is Princess Isabella’s bodyguard and a childhood friend with Isla. When the princess is kidnapped on his watch, he immediately goes to Miguel, who partners him with Isla. As the two work together, the two start seeing each other as more than friends.

When a teammate whispers in Isla’s ear that Teo might be a double-agent with Valeria, Isla doesn’t know what to think. Are all the spies destined to fall for Valeria’s goons? Can Teo and Isla find Princess Isabella before it’s too late? Will our phantom be able to catch the illusive villain or will she get away…again?

Join the team for another action-packed adventure. Don’t miss the next chapter of Spies in Escondida as they continue to defend their country from its latest threat.

April 15, 2024

Hello, Cozy Readers! Warmer weather means spring cleaning here, and as part of that, I’ve been going through all my fabrics and threads, trying to figure out when I’m actually going to get around to all the beautiful projects I’d envisioned when I bought the stuff….

If I had the time, I think I’d take up quilting. I love the way patterns and colors in the fabrics work together to tell a story, complementing and clashing and then making something beautifully complete. And also, there’s the coziness of curling up beneath something so carefully crafted.

In spite of coming from a talented family full of women who sew, paint, crochet, knit, garden, and craft realistic-looking flowers out of fondant and food coloring, I’ve decided to stick with writing as my art. I won’t post pictures, but I’m very good at crocheting trapezoids . . . that should have been squares! That said, I’m grateful to have grown up watching my grandmother, mother, and sisters engaging in these crafts, because seeing them work gave me more appreciation for the process. Which is, in my mind, quality time!

My second quarter feels like it’s going more slowly than the first, but I did finish a draft of a novelette this past weekend, and this week, I’m working on poems for my current manuscript. Happy National Poetry Month!

Do you sew? Bake? Paint? I’d love to hear about your crafts and artwork!

Sending you cozy wishes,
Tammy D. Walker

Here’s another cozy to discover:

Mocha & Melodies: A Red Line Coffee Mystery Companion Novella

by Donna B McNicol

imageA college campus, a musical competition, and a group of talented young adults. What could go possibly wrong?

Plenty…and it does, starting with a dead contestant.

Jodi Delgado, aka Gabby, decides to enter the eight-week combination music camp and competition sponsored by the Whisper Peak Institute of Music. She never expected to find a new best friend while there, and her new best friend never expected to be involved in the murder of her roommate.

April 1, 2024

imageHello, Cozy Readers! March was a busy one for me, as I wrapped up the draft of The Wing of a Bee and started an outline for a cozy series I’m tentatively calling the “Not the End of the World Mysteries.” That series is one I should have news about by the end of the year, so stay tuned!

Otherwise, we’re getting ready here for the eclipse on the 8th. Dallas is in the path of totality, and my family and I are so excited about seeing this amazing event. Are you planning to watch the eclipse too?

March has also meant flowers! Primroses, oxalis, and bluets in my yard as well as hen bit, corn flowers, and poppies we’ve seen out on our walks. Oh, and this gorgeous rose too. I hope April brings you lots of beauty in nature and a bounty of good books too!

Sending you cozy wishes for great reads,
Tammy D. Walker

Here are more cozy reads to discover:

Death By Tinsel by C Farren


From Hollywood to Yorkshire, from fame to murder…

Barbara Lucci has it all; a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, money, a loving husband, and a starring role in the long-running American soap opera Forever and a Day, a job she’s cherished for forty years.

Then everything changes. Barbara’s soap is canceled, and her husband runs off with her all money. With nowhere to turn to, Barbara returns to her native England and the sleepy Yorkshire seaside town of Whitborough to stay with her mother June, who runs a bed and breakfast.

When someone from another bed and breakfast is strangled to death with some tinsel, Barbara is intrigued. Not only is the sole witness to the crime the victim’s cute border collie, Gulliver, but the local policeman investigating is none other than the first boy she ever kissed, Brendan Fury. Barbara decides she has to investigate this murder, not only for something to do but to save the reputation of her mother’s beloved B & B.

This is a fun, quirky, and clean, cozy mystery set in a beautiful Yorkshire seaside town with a glamorous soap star, cute dogs, dashing police officers, and a puzzling Christmas murder mystery.

Murder at the Harvest Field by Dani Simms


When a body is discovered in the middle of a vineyard’s harvest festival, winemaker Avery Parker must put down her glass of vino to pick up the clues.

With a dangerous murderer potentially lurking around in her small town of Los Robles, California, the once-peaceful community is thrown into turmoil.

Can Avery channel her amateur sleuth skills to crack the case? Along with her detective boyfriend Charles and canine companion, Sprinkles, by her side, she starts examining the victim’s past and piecing together the final moments of his life.

The clock is ticking as the close-knit town hangs in the balance.

Grab a bottle of your favorite vintage and get ready for a killer read filled with secrets, twists, and red herrings galore in Murder at the Harvest Field.

The Love Letter Mystery by Lee Williamson


A Special Book. A Love Letter. A Mystery to be Solved.

Big changes are happening in Clara’s life, is now really the time to be helping her friend Sassy find the owner of a mysterious love letter?

Her boyfriend Tyrone wants her to concentrate on their future, but solving the mystery is just too intriguing to ignore.

Will Clara find the owner of the letter? And will she still have a boyfriend if she does?

March 15, 2024

Hello, Cozy Readers! Not much new since my last message, just more gardening, more work on Down to Earth, and more words on my draft of The Wing of a Bee, another cozy mystery.

When I went out this morning, I was surprised how much it feels like fall this morning, not spring. After the spell of dry, warmer weather we just had, the cool dampness seemed out of place with all the redbuds, grape hyacinths, and irises blooming in the neighborhood. But I’m also taking a moment to appreciate it–summer will be here before we know it!

What are you reading as we move into a new season? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Sending cozy wishes,
Tammy D. Walker

Here are a couple more titles to explore:

Read Between the Wines Cozy Mysteries Collection of Books 4-6

by Dani Simms

Amidst the heart-wrenching turmoil of her husband’s unexpected demise, Avery Parker has returned to her hometown.

This three-book collection unravels the dark secrets lurking as Avery works to bring justice to victims of the community’s heinous crimes.

Join Avery, her golden retriever, Sprinkles, and new friends as they uncork, sip, and solve small town murders in Los Robles!

With twists and turns at every corner, the Read Between the Wines Cozy Mysteries Collection of Books 4-6 is a thrilling series that will keep sleuthing readers on the edge of their seats.

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!


Death of a Hero: How it all began by B.M. Allsopp


Meet young Joe Horseman. How much will he risk to save his dead hero’s honour?

Prequel to the acclaimed Fiji Islands Mysteries series

Horseman idolises rugby captain Seru, who plucked him from the crowd of hopeful freshers to place him in his Fiji university’s top team. So when Horseman finds Seru’s corpse in the changing shed he vows to help investigate. But the police refuse to pass him the ball. Even his friends and Coach send him to the sidelines. Could his idol have feet of clay? To save Seru’s honour, Horseman defies the rules and charges ahead.

Death of a Hero is the novella prequel to the Fiji Islands Mysteries series. Set in 1990s Suva, the young Horseman’s first case is not only a twisty whodunit that will have you reaching for your thinking cap, but a sensitive coming-of-age story that will touch your heart. If you enjoy tropical islands and brain-bending mysteries, you will love B.M. Allsopp’s gripping tale.

February 1, 2024

Hello, Cozy Readers! It’s February, a time when thoughts turn to love . . . and decluttering the house. Or for me, they do. I’d planned on doing some clearing out in January, but our usual first-week-of-February deep freeze happened in January instead this year. While I’m glad to have that out of the way, I did get behind on my decluttering project for the year. After the usual ice-related shut downs and post-freeze catching up, though, I’m back on track. And the weather in Dallas has been warm and promises to stay that way for a bit. So it’s a good time to drop off donations!

I think my favorite tip for decluttering is to think about how you’ll use the space after it has been cleared of unused items. That has kept me motivated, and it’s made parting with things less emotional too. I do have big plans for using the space, which includes making more videos!

And I donated several boxes of books I’ve enjoyed but probably won’t reread. The book fair I donated them to benefits a group close to my heart, and I feel like I’ve given the novels and poetry collections the chance to be loved by new owners!

Do you have a favorite home organization tip? I’d love to hear about it!

Wishing you cozy reads (and an organized home, if you’re decluttering too!),
Tammy D. Walker


It’s February, so here are a few titles to explore, whether you’re feeling like a cozy or a romance!

The Happy Cat’s Detective

by Alex Mahon

Cristina Solans returns home to Spain after volunteering with a wildlife rescue in Canada. Her veterinary tech job awaits her but she already misses the almost boyfriend she left behind.Her mother has joined a group of friends in a new adventure: cat rescue. This brings about a host of opportunities for various escapades as they start a refuge out in the country.Who would have expected a stolen cat and a missing necklace would turn Cristina into a detective? She sure didn’t…


Hidden in the Writer’s Room

by Michelle L. E. Price


An accountant-turned-actress is keeping one too many secrets in this sweet, RomCom based in LA

Laughter leads to love in this funny modern romance between a hit TV show’s narrator and the writer who brings her to life

When an LA accountant is cast as the snarky narrator for a new TV comedy, it’s like a dream come true. One small hitch: Meghan has to keep her part hidden. Now, she’s juggling a secret identity, avoiding the press, and hiding a crush on the lead writer of “Truth in Advertising”. If things go public, can on screen laughter lead Meghan to real love?



Love At The Office… A Later-In-Life, Curvy Woman, Sweet Office Romance

by Kaytee Bradley

imageLOVE… At The Office

Can two introverts find the courage to overcome their past and finally find love?

When Andrea accepts a limited-time contract to help Paul set up a new department of his Marketing Agency, the last she expects is to find the man who makes her want to overcome her fear of commitment.

Can she convince Paul to give her a chance to heal his wounds?

Can Paul learn to trust again?

Love At The Office… is a later-in-life, short, and sweet romance novelette. Love at first sight, A bit of angst, Low heat. High emotions.

January 15, 2024

Hi, Cozy Readers! This morning, it’s 12 degrees (yes, Fahrenheit, ugh) in Dallas. We’re not used to this cold here!

I’m using my time at home inside for cozy purposes as much as I can. This week is Universal Letter Writing Week, and February is A Month of Letters, so I’m gathering stationery, stamps, and my favorite pens. I’m also spending time with my electric blanket and radio too! And an inspirational read: Writing Letters with Pen & Ink by Edward St. Paige.

Although I don’t write letters as often as I used to, I still enjoy sitting down to set my thoughts and well wishes on lovely paper. There’s something exciting about stamping and addressing an envelope, knowing that a letter will brighten the recipient’s day. And I love receiving replies, of course, too!

How about you? Do you write letters? If so, do you hand write them or type your letters out? And what do you prefer to write on and with? I’d love to hear from you!

Sending you cozy wishes (and warm ones too, if they’re welcome),
Tammy D. Walker

P.S.: If you ever want to drop me a line in the mail, my address is PO Box 515622, Dallas, TX 75251


Here are more reads to explore:

Destination Maui (Destination Murder Mysteries Book 1)  
by Ann Shepphird

imageThe last thing Samantha Powers expected to do on her first official trip as a travel writer was help solve a murder.

Samantha (“Sam”) Powers, a 34-year-old investigative reporter, has returned to her hometown of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, to take care of her ailing father, the town’s former police chief. At the urging of a family friend, she takes a job as the new travel columnist for Carmel Today, a local lifestyle magazine.

After a few months of writing about area hotels and restaurants and navigating the office dynamics at her new position, Sam sets out on her first big press trip to a luxury resort on the Hawaiian island of Maui. There she meets her fellow travel writers and the resort representatives hosting the trip, all of whom become suspects when one of the writers-someone almost everyone had a reason to want to kill-is found dead in his suite. Sam’s detective skills come in handy as she helps the handsome (and, yes, single) Maui detective solve the crime.

Shoot like a Girl
by Kari Bovee

imageShe would do anything for her loved ones, even if it meant she’d be lost to them forever.

Young Annie Oakley never expected to be saddled with responsibility so soon. Following her father’s sudden death, the spirited girl finds herself shipped to a nearby county working for a couple promising a good wage. But when she discovers they are not what they seem, Annie suddenly fears her life may be in peril.

Determined to help her mother and siblings, she endures the hardships and mistreatment from the couple. But when that cruelty is targeted at the beautiful Buckskin horse who is her only friend, Annie decides to take matters into her own hands.

Will the spunky teen return to her loved ones, or will her decision land her in jail?

Shoot like a Girl is the prequel novella to the Annie Oakley mystery series. If you like a fiercely loyal heroine who won’t be anyone’s victim, then you’ll love Kari Bovée’s thrilling story of America’s best-loved sharpshooting sensation.

The Girl Once Known
by R.M. Demeester

imageMira Harris is caught in a personal tug-of-war. Her mother’s disdain, her estranged father’s unexpected return, and her compulsive need for order clash with one another. When she connects with Joseph Oliver, it seems she might have found an ally who understands her. However, Joseph carries his own baggage, making Mira question whether she can truly trust anyone, including herself.

After Mira becomes the victim of a hit-and-run—an incident seemingly linked to her troubled past—she is forced to confront every relationship, lie, and act of betrayal to determine who intended to harm her. Through this process, Mira realizes she’ll never see life the same way again.